Historic ’Sconset

‘Sconset Videos, Courtesy of the Nantucket Historical Association

Siasconset Historical Research Group (SHRG)

Did you know that, in 2008, a small group of ’Sconseters and islanders, interested in preserving and documenting ’Sconset history, came together and is now functioning under the umbrella of the Nantucket Historical Association? The idea man behind the formation of this group was Paul Judy, local historian and inveterate researcher. In collaboration with the NHA, the Nantucket Preservation Trust (NPT), and the ’Sconset Trust, Paul has defined a plan for collecting and sharing historical information about properties, historical homes, personalities and community institutions.

The idea of an annual village assembly to celebrate interesting aspects of the village’s history is an outgrowth of the highly successful Nantucket Historical Association’s ’Sconset 02564 exhibition during the summer of 2008. Proceeds from the sale of the exhibition’s companion publication, ’Sconset: A History, are being set aside by the NHA to fund ongoing research on the community’s history. The Siasconset Historical Research Group (SHRG) has been organized under the auspices of the NHA to help plan and guide these further endeavors. The SHRG each summer holds a public ‘Sconset History Night at the ‘Sconset Casino on the second or third Monday of August to talk about the SHRG’s set of initiatives, to seek input from the community, and to present a talk on an aspect of ‘Sconset history.

At the ‘Sconset History night on August 15, 2016, historian and writer Betsy Tyler presented ‘Sconset’s Man of Mystery, William J. Flagg (1818-1898), Denizen of the North Bluff.

Paul Judy also launched an initiative in 2008 to research house histories. Paul brought together a modern-day team, including historian and writer, Betsy Tyler, Executive Director of  the Nantucket Preservation Trust, Michael May; and Director of the Siasconset Historical Research Group, Bob Felch.

Thank you to Mary Warren Moffett and Rob Benchley for creating and providing the following slide presentation on Historic ’Sconset: