trust_CPC_coffin_5_3007In 1984 three individuals – Robert Shetterly, Mary Heller and George Buckingham, – were instrumental in the formation of the ’Sconset Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving open space on the Island’s eastern end. Fearing development would overrun ’Sconset’s quiet charm, the founders took the advice of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and formed a land trust explicitly to protect the smaller parcels of land in and around the Village.

Today the ’Sconset Trust owns over 130 acres of open space that will never be developed. Our holdings (see map) include:

  • 5.33 acres on Sankaty Road, donated in 1985-1986 by Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Cashman, Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson, and Mr. & Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter
  • 21.23 acres on Low Beach Road, purchased in 1988
  • .15 acre on Low Beach Road, donated by Mr. John A. Herndon in 1990
  • 9.05 acres on Burnell Street, purchased in 1991
  • 11.98 acres on Burnell Street, bequest of Mrs. Ruth L. Sanders in 1993
  • 14.66 acres on Morey Lane, gift from Mr. & Mrs. Peter Heller in 1994
  • .46 acre on Main Street, purchased in 1998
  • .32 acre on Baxter Road, donated by Mr. Stephen B. Cohen in 1998
  • 1.17 acre on Low Beach Road, donated by Dr. Richard A. R. Fraser in 1999
  • .87 acre on Baxter Road, donated by Mr. & Mrs. Donald Porter in 2000
  • 4.71 acres on Lennox Way, purchased in 2002
  • 1.59 acres on Hydrangea Way, donated by ’Sconset Hydrangeas LLC in 2006
  • 12.5 acres on Baxter Road (Sankaty Head Lighthouse), donated by the USCG in 2007
  • 45 acres on Milestone Road – “Ruddick Commons”, purchased from the Coffin Family Estate in 2012
Conservation Easement at 10 Sankaty Road

10 Sankaty Road

In 2011, the Trust executed a conservation easement for the property located at 10 Sankaty Road in the village. The property is owned by Macdonald and Charlotte Mathey.

Please review the Conservation Gift page for more information about options for gifting or selling land and creating easements with the Trust.