Entrance to yellow building with American flag
Entrance to yellow building with American flag

Board of Directors                                  

Clement Durkes, Chair and President
John W. Johnson, Vice Chair
Siobhan O’Mahony Moore, Secretary
Charles S. Cruice, Treasurer
Cynthia Fraser Gallagher, Clerk
Eric Baurmeister
Barbara H. Bispham
David J. Brown
Douglas Brown
John Carter
Katherine P. Cheek
Christopher Crampton
Robert Franklin
Karyn McLaughlin Frist
Ashley Ghriskey
William E. Hannum, III
William B. Holding, Jr.
James R. Holt, Jr.
Daniel L. Korengold
Willard Overlock, III
Marcella Blaylock Zimmerman


Elizabeth G. Grubbs, Executive Director
Jennifer M. Ahlborn, Administrative Director 
Rob Benchley, Lighthouse Keeper


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