’Sconset Community

‘Sconset village is a vibrant and welcoming community. The Siasconset Casino and the Sconset Union Chapel serve as community gathering locations for public, social and religious events. Here is a summary of local groups and facilities that collaborate with the ‘Sconset Trust.

Siasconset Civic Association

Main Street 'Sconset

The purpose of the Siasconset Civic Association (SCA) is to promote and protect the mutual interests of property owners and residents. The SCA aims to preserve the residential and historical character of the Village of ’Sconset. It provides an organization through which the residents may meet to discuss matters of common interest affecting the community. It promotes studies and makes recommendations to improve the Village. The SCA raises and receives funds to use to accomplish the aims of the Association.

Siasconset Union Chapel

Sconset Chapel

The Siasconset Union Chapel was built in 1883 as an ecumenical “House of Worship” and has hosted Protestant and Roman Catholic services for many years since. The Chapel is at the heart of the ’Sconset community. It is the meeting place for prayer, song, message, marriage, contemplation and a place for annual renewal and resumption of friendships.

The ’Sconset Chapel property consists of the Chapel building, a parsonage, the community green and the memorial gardens with our Columbarium. In 2007, the Massachusetts Historical Commission granted an historic preservation restriction to the Chapel ensuring that it will remain as is for years to come.

Siasconset Casino Association

sconset casino

The Siasconset Casino Association is a non-profit family and social club, which was founded in 1899. Since that time, it has maintained a tradition of providing members with excellent tennis facilities as well as recreational and social activities in a low-key environment that is courteous, respectful and gracious.

The Casino also serves the village of ’Sconset by providing a venue for community oriented events such as civic association meetings, movies and weddings, etc.

On the Isle Production at the 'Sconset CasinoOn the Isle

A century long tradition in ‘Sconset at the Casino, On the Isle is dedicated to building community through theatre arts and special events.

Siasconset Beach Preservation Fund

Siasconset Beach Preservation Fund is dedicated to preserving and protecting the historic ‘Sconset Bluff on the eastern shoreline of Nantucket Island.

New Village Zoning for ‘Sconset – April 2012

The above map shows in red the zoning change to Village Neighborhood (VN).
The above map approved at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting shows in red the zoning change to Village Neighborhood (VN).

Read about the ‘Sconset Trust’s leadership in working with the Town of Nantucket to preserve the core village of ‘Sconset through the implementation of a zoning change:

Voters at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting approved Article 52, a zoning change for a portion of the Siasconset Residential Old Historic (SROH) district to Village Neighborhood (VN). This change is consistent with the Master Plan recommendation of creating village centers in appropriate locations, it will bring existing commercial uses into conformity in the well-established village center of ’Sconset, and will insure the continuation of the village center should any of the existing businesses discontinue, which would not have been allowed in the SROH. Commercial uses permitted in the VN district are limited, and are the type of businesses that will complement surrounding residential properties.

The Planning Office appreciates the proactive planning efforts in the village of ’Sconset and the recent adoption of the village center zoning is an important milestone for the future, achieving a goal dating from the 1970s. Siasconset continues to lead the way in thoughtful community protection evidenced by their early support of zoning in the 1960s to the recent preservation of the Coffin land and we thank the efforts of the ’Sconset Trust and Bob Felch for championing community protection.

—Andrew Vorce and Leslie Woodson Snell of The Nantucket Planning Board

‘Sconset Area Plan – February 2007

Between 2004 and 2007, the citizens of ’Sconset created a ’Sconset Area Plan in response to a request of the Town of Nantucket Planning Department to provide a ’Sconset planning document for the Town Master Plan. The Siasconset Civic Association and the ’Sconset Trust played a leadership role in the process. View the published plan.


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