The house and barn at 28 Main Street, Siasconset, with two men, two women, and a pony out in front.

House Profiles

The house and barn at 28 Main Street, Siasconset, with two men, two women, and a pony out in front.

Links to the Trust’s growing library of House Profiles may be found below. Homeowners can commission the Trust to prepare a House Profile of their property to highlight its important architectural features and evolution, as well as the record of ownership and significant relevant historical events. The Trust believes that emphasizing these features will encourage current and future owners of historically significant houses to preserve important interior and exterior building features for future generations. House Profiles are also registered with the Massachusetts Historical Commission, and hard copies may be viewed at the Trust’s office or at the Nantucket Historical Association.

One way to preserve these features in perpetuity is through the use of Preservation Restrictions and Conservation Restrictions, which serve to protect defined elements of a structure and/or property for the enjoyment of future generations. The Trust stands ready to assist homeowners in assessing the appropriateness of tools like preservation restrictions and rights of first refusal, which may include tax benefits. We currently hold Preservation Restrictions on Atlantic House and The Siasconset Union Chapel and a Conservation Restriction on Hedged About.

For more information on how the Trust can help, please contact us.

Hard copies of these House Profiles may be viewed at the Trust’s office or at the Nantucket Historical Association.

The Nantucket Preservation Trust has also prepared reports on several Sconset homes, all of which can be viewed at the Nantucket Historical Association.  These reports include:

  • 71 Baxter Road – NHA
  • 11 Broadway – NHA
  • 2 Lily Street – NHA
  • 22 Main Street – NHA
  • 27 Main Street – NHA
  • 34 Main Street – NHA
  • 10 Sankaty Road – NHA


Massachusetts Historical Commission: MACRIS: Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System

Nantucket Historical Association: My Nantucket Neighborhood: ’Sconset

Nantucket Preservation Trust: ’Sconset: House by House

Cedar shingled house with a yard adorned with beautiful flowers.

15 Baxter Road

Broom House

3/4 view of 15 Baxter Road

15 Baxter Road

Broom Cottage

Black and white image of a 1.5 story house with dormers

18 Baxter Road

Siasconset Humane House, Station 52

One-story shingled house with a white picket fence.

5 broadway

Prince Gardner House, George C. Gardner House

6 Broadway

Auld Lang Syne

Shingled house with fence.

29 Broadway

Frederick M. Pitman House, Sea Spray, Whale Spray

Shingled house with porch and white fence.

2 Center Street

Cathcart House, Arietta Hussey House, Takeitezie

Shingled house with  white fence.

6 Center Street

Sunnyside, In and Out

Shingled house with fence and bushes in front.

18 Center Street

Ivy Lodge

Shingled house with center chimney

6 Elbow Lane

Valentine Aldridge (aka Aldrich) House, The Reef

Shingled house with front porch.

10 Everett Lane


2-1/2 story, shingled building with wrap-around porch

3 Grand Avenue

Ocean View House

Shingled house with porch and split rail fence.

7 King Street

An aged black and white photo featuring a house with Sankaty lighthouse in the background.

3 Magnolia Avenue

Wild Goose, Neosho

Black and white image of a horse and woman standing in front of a house.

28 Main Street

Villa Jerome

House with wrap-around porch

8 McKinley Avenue

Bedlam/Pilot House

17 McKinley Avenue

Dewey or Don’t We, Sunningford

Sepia tones photo of a 1.5 story cedar shingled home with front porch.

30 Morey Lane

Rose Cottage

White single story house with hedge row in the front.

19 New Street


Black and white image of a house with wrap around porch and mansard roof

21 Ocean Avenue

Rudder Grange

Single story shingled house with surrounded by roses.

37 Ocean Avenue


1-1/2 story shingled house with front porch.

4 Sankaty Road

Sallimac, Minimum

Black and white of children coming out of a  school house.

10 West Sankaty Road

Siasconset Fire House,
Siasconset Public School


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