Landscape with Green bushes and trees in the background.

Our Mission

Landscape with Green bushes and trees in the background.

The Trust’s mission is to protect the unique character of the ’Sconset community through conservation of open land and preservation of historically and/or architecturally significant structures in and around the village.

To accomplish the Trust’s objectives, the Board should be:

  • Committed to educating the village residents in particular, and the Island community in general, about the unique conservation and preservation opportunities available to them.
  • Working on a continuous basis with the other conservation and historic preservation groups and relevant government entities on the Island to achieve its goals.
  • Evaluating on a routine basis all conservation and preservation requests to ensure they are consistent with the goals and objectives of the Trust.
  • Reviewing and determining the relevance of all other requests and projects to ensure that they comply with the Trust’s objectives as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.

Trust Timeline

The history of the ‘Sconset Trust, 1984-2019.


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