Whether we are acquiring open land or taking on historic or conservation easements or buying a lighthouse, these types of transactions are only the first step of a long journey to protect the natural beauty and historic qualities of ’Sconset.

Each transaction success brings permanent responsibilities: the Trust has a communal and legal obligation to steward and protect the properties and easements placed on the land– forever. We must maintain our properties, fencing, trails and signage. That requires both people and funds to make sure the work is done correctly

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Conservation of Land

The Trust cares for two types of property: fee and easement.

Today the large 190 acres LORAN property on Low Beach faces the threat of high density development.

Today the large 190 acres LORAN property on Low Beach faces the threat of high density development.

Fee properties are owned by the Trust and the Trust is responsible for the management and care of these properties. A few of our fee properties are open to the public. A management plan is developed for each fee property to guide the Trust as it cares for the property.

The second type of property stewarded by the Trust is one covered by an easement. An easement property is one where a private landowner has placed a conservation restriction on their property to protect specific conservation values. Learn more about our Land Conservation programs.

Historic Preservation

Through Historic Preservations (know in Massachusetts as Historic Restrictions), the Trust manage with the owner the historic qualities of a property based on state statute and the specific terms and conditions of the easement. The Trust also engages in historic preservation education and appreciation. Learn more about our Preservation programs.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

As a result of the weather disasters of 1991 (Hurricane Bob in August and the Perfect Storm in October), it became evident that the historic and iconic red-striped Sankaty Head Lighthouse was in peril of falling into the sea. Mother Nature and time were working against the edifice. Within two years the ’Sconset Trust stepped forward to offer a plan to save the lighthouse. Learn more about the relocation of Sankaty Head Lighthouse and the Trust’s stewardship of this island icon.