Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Sankaty Head Lighthouse at NightIn 2007, the ’Sconset Trust took ownership of the Historic Sankaty Head Lighthouse property and moved the Lighthouse to safer ground. This epic historic preservation project was successful due to a tremendous island-wide outpouring of support. The ’Sconset Trust is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Lighthouse and its grounds in perpetuity.

Today it stands as a sentinel for all who come to visit and enjoy the peaceful or sometimes windy setting atop the Sankaty Head bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The Lighthouse grounds are open daily from sunrise to sunset. The Lighthouse is open for climbing semi-annually. Please see our events calendar for dates.

Take a Tour to the Top

See our video of a tour to the top of Sankaty Head Lighthouse. Enjoy the experience if you are not able to visit and ascend the lighthouse in person.